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    Our Privacy Policy

This policy tells you about what data we need to collect and for what reason. We strictly adhere to safety and security of the privacy of your data. Please read the terms and conditions of our privacy policy to know the rules.

Personal data collection:

From our visitors and customers, we need their personal data like name, mail address, phone number, etc. for providing better services, answering their queries, sending them the data that they requested to us, etc. Their IP address is also exchanged when they visit our website.

Why do we collect this information?

This information we collect from you is necessary for better services of the website. If there are any transactions done by the customers or if they requested any information, their data is required. Also, for sending them any emails, daily updates, etc. it is required.

Information Disclosure & Security:

We strictly adhere to privacy and security of your data. We don't share, rent or sell to anyone except to the internal team and our partners in business, as required for services of our company.

Advertising and Social Media:

We don't use your name or personal data for marketing or advertising purposes at present. If we do it in future, we will take prior permission from you for this.

Updates to the Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy can change periodically as required for better services of our website. However, as we don't give any notice for this, you need to check yourself periodically about this and be aware of the changes.

Contacting Us:

For any doubts, queries and suggestions, about the privacy policy or the website itself, kindly write us at info@staffing25.com.

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