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Best IT Sourcer’s Recruitment Strategies for 2018

Hiring IT professionals is no easy task. So, here are few important tips from IT sourcer companies which will guarantee better recruitment and good candidates for your company. These practices have been applied and proven successful by the IT sourcer. So read and follow them while recruiting of IT professionals and attract the right talent for your company.

Begin by writing exact and attractive Job Description

Writing the exact JD will assure that you do not waste time. Only those who match your JD will contact you and you can easily shortlist the best ones. Instead, de-selection of the unsuitable candidates becomes easier. Also, for attracting good employees, write few perks, salary range, etc. Also, if there are any odd conditions like night shift or location change, those must be displayed to save your and the candidates’ time. IT sourcer companies are expert in writing the JDs.

Communicate before calling them for the interview

Do not assume that candidate will be matching your JD. Call them once and confirm. They may be looking for a higher designation or maybe some different profile. When you call them and confirm the facts, it gets better. Communication is very important. Once you know well about them, the further processes can be easier.

Be creative while approaching

Be creative right from JD to the last interview. There are many ways to approach the candidates like different job portals, social media sites, etc. The IT sourcer companies have many such contacts. Be polite and but straight to the point. Also, keep patience because this is a time-consuming process.

Communicate with the candidate continuously

It really helps a lot in the long run. The best candidates will always be attracted to a good environment. If the initial impression on them is a good one, they are more likely to work with you. So call them and establish a good contact. Also, even if they are not selected, they will remember the treatment they got from you and spread the good word-of-mouth. Also, be in touch with the good candidates, even if they are not selected right now. The IT sourcer companies do it well.

Try to call after office timings

Offices are the busiest of places. There are meetings, calls, deadlines to meet and so on. So, there are good chances that the candidate may not attend your call. So, possibly call after offices or early in morning. Also, mail them and follow up. If they could not attend the calls, they will respond through emails.

Advertising is crucial

First display advertisement inside the company because many candidates could be looking for jobs internally. Also, they can have good resources with their friends and relatives. Advertise at as many portals and platforms as possible and be everywhere for e.g. Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Contact the IT Sourcer companies

The IT sourcer companies are experts in recruiting. The above tips are all practices buy them. Hiring the IT sourcer companies can be an intelligent and time-saving decision. They have good market knowledge.

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