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10 Tips of IT Sourcer on Hiring Talented Employees

A talented workforce is a must for the success of any company! And when it comes to hiring the right talent, the recruitment process can be very time-consuming and hectic as well. So, are you struggling to bring in the best talent? Well, appointing a staffing agency or an IT Sourcer Company or a placement company can be beneficial. A staffing agency or an IT Sourcer Company could be a costly option though.

However, if you are going to do it internally, we have some smart and creative tips for hiring the employees.

  • 1. Look inside your company first. Post the job internally because there may be many potential, well-trained employees looking for new projects.
  • 2. Write exact job descriptions as required. Job posting should be clear and attractive at the same time. Display the package and other strengths of your work environment in job descriptions. Also, showcase the learning and growth opportunities in the company.
  • 3. You need to pay well to attract talented candidates. Off course a fat salary will attract good crowd towards the position. Look for what the competitors are paying and pay better than them.
  • 4. Get famous as a great employer, whatever may be the size of your company. A reputed employer attracts good candidates. Keep an eye on the reviews about you. Potential employees will always do good research about your company and then decide.
  • 5. Treat your internal employees well and give good facilities so that they spread your name by word of mouth publicity. Make the company a fun place to work. An open and honest work environment is like by all. When your company is popular because of a good environment, best candidates themselves make lots of efforts work with your company.
  • 6. While recruiting, display the opening to the internal employees so that they can refer their friends or relatives for the profile. Offer the internal employees for some incentives. Ask those employees to advertise everywhere- their Facebook, Whatsapp Groups, etc. This may increase the chance of getting a good candidate.
  • 7. Look beyond your city. Good talent is available all over the nation or even outside. So, break the location barriers and advertise everywhere.
  • 8. Advertise everywhere. Place your opening on job portals, social media like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. There are so many potential candidates looking out for a job there. These are very popular ways for attracting the applicants.
  • 9. Host telephonic interviews for initial screening of the candidates. This will save a good time at the initial level.
  • 10. You may think of hiring through the recruitment agencies of IT Sourcer companies if you can't do it alone. These help a big-time to save your efforts and time while providing you with new talent in the market. They have good knowledge of the market as compared to the companies. A placement company or an IT Sourcer will do the better screening, coordination, publicity of opening, etc at affordable prices.

A good employee will stay for long and contribute effectively to the company's goals. These tips will surely attract a great talent for any domain; may it be IT, manufacturing, sales, technicians, accounting and finance staff, etc.
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