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Staffing25 is your reliable IT Resource

Staffing25 is your one-stop recruiting resource staffing agency for finding the perfect professionals to give your business the edge it needs to grow.


Running a successful business is not really a one-man task. It doesn’t just take a boss but it also takes employees, in fact, it takes skilled, educated and professional employees. Well, considering that, hiring the correct employees is certainly not an easy task. It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot more than just looking at resumes and selecting employees. It has to be a cautious process; otherwise, a wrong employee can cost fortune loss to the company. That is why we at Staffing25, take pride in helping you and your company with hiring appropriate employees.

Our way of helping you hire appropriate candidates:

We are a staffing resource agency and that is why our services are offered with the authority of an intermediate between your company and the potential candidates for the positions.
We follow this process in following efficient steps:

  • You are the initiator of this employee recruitment process., We get the employee requirements from your company. This includes the positions your company is hiring for, eligibility criteria, professional and personal skills of the candidates, etc. We gather information from your company in order to find suitable applicants.
  • We screen all the resumes we have on our list, look for the qualities you are looking for in a candidate. We shortlist the employees and proceed with the job requirements to them.
  • We take the requirements and circulate it within the list of candidates we have on our fleet. The candidates that fit the primary requirements of your job post only get the recruitment request.
  • If the candidates are interested in the job post, they reply to us with interest. Once we get all the replies on the said job position, we list out the candidates that are suitable and interested in the job post.
  • Then we contact your company and share the chosen resumes with you. You give us the appointment for a telephone or in-person interview. We share the same appointment with the candidates. Once the time suits both the parties the interviews are scheduled.
  • The interviews are conducted at your company location and if the candidate passes to enter your organization as an employee, then we get paid.

Well, if in case, the candidate we chose for your company fails to pass the interview, then we replace the candidate or you get your money back. Our services are time-efficient that means we find a suitable candidate for you within 20 days, otherwise we pay back the amount you pay us. We ensure that we take pleasure in taking the burden off your shoulder of screening the resumes, contacting the employees, scheduling the interviews, etc. All you have to do is hire our services and you will get the employees that deem fit your company’s status.

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Being one of the leading WE TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT WE DO AND THE VALUES THAT WE SHARE WITH OUR CLIENTS AND OUR CANDIDATES, we have an extravagant range of industries such as Information technology, Engineering, Medical, and all other professions. If in case you are in need of the employee recruitment services, and then please feel free to contact us. Fill us in with the employment requirements and get a free quotation from us soon.

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